Hiring an independent website broker

If you’ve landed on this page then chances are you have a profitable website that you want to sell for the best price possible and are looking for a website broker to find you a buyer.

Here’s a little honesty you won’t often get with other website brokerage companies. I don’t actually do many deals as a broker.

Why? Because I’m usually too busy buying and selling websites myself for my own business (along with my partner Ryan).

In general I have a distrust for website brokers and the quality of the sites available on marketplace and broker sites. A lot of sites are “built to sell” and I prefer to buy passion projected created by people who love the topic and started the website for love, not money.

If you have access to a network of buyers already then you might not need a broker. Sure, it’s a little more work to do the back and forth email dance to negotiate terms and pricing but in a lot of cases I think it’s worth doing that a couple of times so that you know what the process involves.

Once you know how to broker your own deals, you’ll probably realise that in a lot of cases it’s a better return on your time to hire a broker. Maybe me?

Typical broker fees

One big problem with website brokers and marketplaces is that they charge big fees. You’ll typically have to pay around 15% as a seller and sometimes a listing fee as well.

For a site selling for $100,000 you have to pay $15,000. I think that is way too much.

Combined with that, a lot of brokers also tack on a fee to buyers for “administrative costs” which increases their earnings on the sale.

In contrast, I charge a 5% total fee (split 50/50 between the buyer and the seller). Simple, fair, and win-win for everyone.

Why should you hire us?

Ryan and I have been brokering sales privately for over a decade. We have a lot of experience:

  • cold outreaching sellers
  • valuing websites
  • negotiating prices
  • analysing future growth potential
  • improving website traffic/revenue post-purchase

We’ve done a number of mid six-figure deals (as both buyers and sellers) and have a seven-figure exit to our names as well.

The difference with us is that we are two-man band who actually buy and sell websites for a living. We’re not trying to earn enough to fund huge teams, offices, and corporate getaways.

We’ll be completely honest with you about your site, the potential sale price and any concerns you might get from interested buyers.

Also, we won’t tie you into a long exclusivity deal. If we haven’t got you any interested buyers within 30 days you can fire us and use another broker if you choose. No hard feelings.

What type of websites do we sell?

We are very picky about the type of websites we will choose to sell. If your site is in what we consider a risky or spammy niche or has used SEO techniques that we know will not stand the test of time and potentially burn a buyer, we won’t list it.

Generally speaking we sell websites that are:

  • content-based (blog, email list, membership site, forums)
  • well-aged (typically 5+ years old)
  • one owner from new (we don’t help to flip sites for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time)
  • built with love (our sellers built the sites out of a passion for the topic)
  • have future potential (sometimes sellers don’t have the time, energy or skills to do this themselves)

Get in touch

If you have a website which you think fits the bill and you’d like to find out how much you could possibly sell it for, feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter or send me an email: