Mazuma Mobile suck! Read this review before you use them

Short version

Do not use Mazuma Mobile! Instead:

If you only read one Mazuma Mobile review, make it this one.

Longer version

Have you ever wanted to sell your mobile phone? Chances are that you have.

You would probably love it if there was a quick and easy way to get a guaranteed price and then send your phone back in a pre-paid envelope. This is what Mazuma Mobile promises.

Unfortunately, they fail to deliver. Every time.

Here’s how Mazuma Mobile really works

First, you select whether the phone powers on. In my case, the phone does turn on.

Second, you select housing condition and can choose between “Good Shape”, “Multiple Scratches, Chipped”, and “Cracked Glass”.

On the housing section, if you click the help icon, it explains in more detail:

Good shape

This is a device that has been well cared for and looked after. There may be a few light cosmetic scratches on the body, but it will be in great condition! There will be no deeper scratches or marks on the device. The device will not have been dropped in liquid.

Multiple Scratches, Chipped

This is a device that has been around the block a bit! It will have moderate wear and tear and will have multiple/heavy scratches or chips/dents on the body, but no cracks on the rear glass. The device will not have been dropped in liquid.

Cracked Glass

This device has seen better days! The rear glass will be cracked. It may have been damaged by liquid at some point.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

I didn’t even click on this help icon when I sold my phone, because the grade I actually got for my handset was “Excellent” with an offer price of £365. I got this by selecting the following options:

  • Power On? Yes
  • Housing: Good Shape
  • Function: All OK
  • Screen: Good Shape
  • Unlocked phone

If you select those options for my handset now, the guaranteed value is £300 with a grade of Good. So how can you possibly get an Excellent rating like I did?

The short answer is that it appears as if Mazuma Mobile actually hard coded this Excellent score into their calculator. Here’s what I see when I view the code for their site:

<!--<span id="js--score">Excellent</span>-->

Anything in the code of the page beginning with <!-- and ending with --> is commented out and will not be visible on the site.

I also noticed in their JavaScript that they hard coded a score in of Excellent, and this too has been commented out:

var _grade_options = get_grade_options();
			_device_grade_options_el.val( _grade_options );

			var _grade_score = calc_grade();
			_device_grade_score_el.val( _grade_score );

			switch ( _grade_score ) {
					_grade_label = 'Excellent';
					_grade_id = 1;
				case '10100101000':
				case '10010100100':
				case '10100100100':
				case '10010101000':
				case '1010010100':
				case '1010010010':
				case '1001010010':
				case '1001010100':
					_grade_label = 'Good';
					_grade_id = 2;

The section between /* and */ is commented out so that the code does not run.

I find it very interesting that this is now commented out and it’s literally impossible to get an Excellent score when getting a price for your handset.

Very interesting indeed.

What did Mazuma Mobile do?

Now this review of Mazuma Mobile is obviously biased because this isn’t the first time they have given me a price, and then offered less than the price.

However, in my opinion, they are deliberately offering a higher price in certain cases, and then downgrading the condition once they have received the phone.

At the point they have your phone, most people will probably accept the reduced off just to get rid of it. This is what they are counting on.

When they emailed me to confirm the downgrade, the reason they gave was that the phone had multiple scratches, and they provided the image below:

That looks like one scratch to me, not multiple.

And even if there are scratches, I correctly chose the option which said that the phone had minor scratches. Instead of showing me the correct price with the Good grade, they showed me Excellent and a higher price.

The only possible reason I can think of for them to do this is to convince me to sell my phone to them.

Had I been offered £300 for the device, I would obviously have done what I am now suggesting anybody do as an alternative to Mazuma Mobile: sell your phone on eBay!

To cap off a pretty crappy experience with them, I paid £7.50 extra to send the device by special delivery because by default they only cover you for up to £100 😂

EDIT: To add further insult to injury, they returned the phone to me without the original box I sent in!

Don’t use Mazuma Mobile, use eBay!

I’ll end this Mazuma Mobile review with some sage advise. Do not use Mazuma Mobile to sell your phone.

Here’s the best way to sell your phone for a good price, without the dodgy practices of Mazuma:

  1. Get a price from Mazuma
  2. Go to eBay and look at how much your phone is selling for used
  3. Notice that the price on eBay is more than Mazuma
  4. Add 15-20% to the price Mazuma quoted you (this will cover the fees)
  5. Set that price as a Buy It Now on eBay
  6. Use this ebay fee calculator to calculate your payment after fees

By doing this, your phone will still be very cheap compared to other phones for sale on eBay and will sell quickly.

The 15-20% price increase covers the eBay fees and you’ll make the same, or slightly more, than you would if you sold it via Mazuma.

Not to mention, you’re probably selling it to somebody who genuinely wants to use the phone instead of to a company that use dark patterns on their site to encourage you to send the phone in.

Bonus: you can charge the buyer on eBay the delivery fee and won’t be £7.50 out of pocket like I currently am!

Want some more Mazuma Mobile reviews?

Here are some of my absolute favourites:

Sent iPhone X recorded delivery in perfect condition and then advised phone was damaged and offered hugely reduced amount. Very disappointed in service.


Had an immaculate phone, which had always been in a case, but after sending it in I got a report to say they’re knocking £ 60, if the price offered claiming there was damage and scratches and then attached some vague photo which showed none of that. Terrible service and won’t be using again!


Did not pay out agreed amount after deciding 2 very minor scratches had dropped the quality of my phone from excellent to poor. They decided this was worth reducing pay by £60. Have had no response from the company regarding the issue. Would not recommend.


Sent my nigh perfect Galaxy S8 into them for £169, they immediately dropped the price down to 125 because of a “deep scratch” on the screen. Funny how I never noticed it. So they return it, and there right in the middle of the screen, is a scratch that wasn’t there before. THEY have scratched the device when I asked for it back! They’re a scam, don’t use them.


Usual situation with companies such as these. Promise you a good price and then change their price. One phone sent through marked as ok condition, everything working (its 2 years old) reduced price from £125 to £50. The second same thing (from £180.00 to £90) They were good for their age. Mazuma just give you a good price and then go back on it and its a question of what you can be bothered to do. Mine will be kept as a spare. Anyone actually ever got the price they were promised???


Sent off my daughters iPhone 8 in perfect condition just had email saying there is a deep scratch on screen, there was no scratch when I posted it, on reading other reviews I doubt we will ever get the phone back


Same as everyone else, my phone had been reset to factory settings by Samsung. The rep there said it was in mint condition and could expect £80 to £100 for it. Mazuma offered £73 for it, today I’ve been told its faulty and could only offer me £7. What a complete rip off. Go elsewhere, my husband is a solicitor and I am considering legal action.


Sent in my iPhone 7 for an agreed price of £180 – perfect working order. Had an email weeks later saying they would offer £11 as the phone has a raised touch screen. The phone has a screen protector on, not a raised touch screen. There call staff then informed me the screen protector had been removed for testing and there is actually a lose screw under the screen – I requested the report to prove this along with my phone back. Received my phone back with the screen protector still in place! The screen itself is imaculate (being just 2 weeks old….) It is not raised at all bar the screen protector which clearly their agent was lying about. Email Comms sinces to try and resolve this have been exceptionally rude and unprofessional, at one point even being told “you’ve got your phone I don’t know what more you want from me” in response to my request for the technicians report and a formal complaint to be raised. Just FYI they can’t prove the “faults” they state, as per Mazumas email correspondence to me, as they don’t make or keep reports, so chances are they just offer silly money for 90% of phones sent in because they can get away with it. This company is an unregulated sham. Do not bother using them ever.


These reviews can go on and on and on.

Seriously, don’t use Mazuma Mobile. Ever.