My VAT Calculator

I recently rewrote the salary calculator in AngularJS with a PHP API and wanted to try my hand at some more financial calculators. Obviously these calculators have been done to death but I’m noticing that they all have pretty terrible UX and are mostly covered with ads.

So, last night, I whipped up a really quick VAT calculator (which is really easy with Angular) and put it online at VAT Calculator Pro (site is no longer online).

I started with VAT because the salary calculator was quite complex and I didn’t want to dive into a mortgage calculator just yet.

I’ll try to get the VCP (VAT Calculator Pro) code up on Github soon in case it’s useful to somebody else.

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2016 Reading List

Goal for 2016: A average at least one book per week for a total of 52 books.

# Title Author
1 The Essence of Buddhism David Tuffley
2 1000 Yards (John Milton Novella) Mark Dawson
3 The Cleaner (John Milton, #1) Mark Dawson
4 Saint Death (John Milton, #2) Mark Dawson
5 The Driver (John Milton, #3) Mark Dawson
6 The Revenge of Seven (Lorien Legacies, #5) Pittacus Lore
7 The Fate of Ten (Lorien Legacies, #6) Pittacus Lore
8 The Revenant Michael Punke
9 Stainless Steel Rat Harry Harrison
10 Into Thin Air Jon Krakauer
11 Inherit the Stars James P. Hogan
12 The Two Moons James P. Hogan
13 Ghost (John Milton, #4) Mark Dawson
14 The Sword of God (John Milton, #5) Mark Dawson
15 Salvation Row (John Milton, #6) Mark Dawson
16 The First Rule of Ten: A Tenzing Norbu Mystery Gay Hendricks
17 The Empty Boat (Encounters with Nothingness) Osho
18 Headhunters (John Milton, #7) Mark Dawson
19 The Ninth Step (John Milton, #8) Mark Dawson
20 The Jungle (John Milton, #9) Mark Dawson
21 Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer Rick Riordan
22 Into the Wild Jon Karkauer
23 Fortress (Tom Buckingham, #2) Andy McNab


New salary calculator features

I’ve spent a bit of time over the last few weeks cleaning up the salary calculator, making sure the calculations are as accurate as possible across many, many, many different scenarios and adding a bunch of new features to it as well.

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